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A Mother’s Day as Never Before

Insights and tips from the Covid-19 pandemic

Mother’s day in 2020 is a unique one, with most people around the world celebrating it under lockdown conditions. As Covid-19 continues to shape a new reality, what are the key takeaways from this year’s Mother’s Day? Here is a list of four insights and tips to help marketers navigate through the uncertainty.


Delivery Services

The closure of shops as part of lockdown measures has led to the adoption of delivery services. With the larger demand, deliveries face delays in service. Therefore, marketers should start their campaigns earlier than usual so that consumers can order in advance to avoid delays, especially if the products are not essential goods.


Increased Role of Brands

81% of consumers look to retailers for inspiration when making Mother’s Day purchases. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for brands to stand out with tailored messaging to respond to the needs of their audience.


Different Generational Habits

While under quarantine, digital entertainment has become more sought out, with different age demographics displaying different digital habits.

Subscription services in particular have become prominent during this time. 8 out of 10 millennial parents have gifted or are interested in gifting a subscription service. 40% of millennial parents already use a product subscription service and a third are interested in trying one.


More Time on Mobile Devices

Studies during the pandemic have shown that 70% more adults are spending an increased amount of time on mobile devices. This provides an opportunity for marketers to directly connect with consumers on mobile devices through in-app strategies.


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