Intelligence first, a programmatic revolution

With powerful bidder technology and advanced machine learning models,
intelligent predictions are empowered by the use of big data to foresee outcomes.

chart               bid img impression img logic
chart               logic img bid img impression




    Data-based single instance profiling


    Custom logic tailored per brand


    One-to-one programmatic interactions at scale


    Highly targeted and relevant messages


  • Better predictions and higher user engagement

  • Improved cost efficiency and waste prevention

  • Minimised exposure and banner blindness

  • Achieve incremental customers and sales

The explosion of new tech compounded with a huge cultural shift in the way people interact with brands online has turned
the ad tech world on its head. Taking the charge are key innovators like MainAd.


Digital Milestones

We are continuous early adopters of technology; staying agile and open to evolution, is what allows us to offer our clients the best opportunities, for digital monetisation.

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    Company founded, starting in Search Engine Marketing​.

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    Vertical websites introduced across various countries.

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    RTB & Programmatic launched. One of the first partners of AppNexus in Europe

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    Retargeting becomes core business focus. Full in-house retargeting tech and algorithm developed.

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    Logico, flagship tech project started using Google Cloud Platform.

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    Logico proprietary solution launched on market.

  • We were awarded for Logico being the ‘Best AI Technology in Ecommerce for 2017’, at the New Retail & AI Forum 2017 in Shanghai, China.

In a fast, competitive and mature market, our Logico solution is a real game-changer; we have the flexibility to build the logic around each opportunity, for better performance, more cost efficiency and revenue.