ONS Shows Online & In-Store Growing Simultaneously: The Industry’s Opinion

Marino Gualano, general manager and co-founder, MainAd, says we should not be shocked by the success of retailers that do not have a physical location: “It’s no surprise that the pureplay retail sector is expanding at such a rapid rate. Online shopping means consumer choice is no longer limited to what is stocked in an individual store, with a whole range of different products available that they would otherwise not have access to. Digital search also gives consumers more control, allowing them to browse specific products across a variety of retailers at any time in any location, comparing prices, and even bidding for items through auction sites.

“Digital retailers can also provide a more personal shopping experience for consumers, using their browsing and shopping history to provide special offers, discount codes, and recommendations about products they are searching for, and helping to guide them on each individual customer journey.”


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