MainAder Snapshot: Jan Denisse Giron

Who are you and how long have you been at MainAd for?

I am Jan Denisse, MainAd’s Operations Team Manager for almost two years and I have been a MainAder for almost 4 years

Choose a GIF that describes your personality.

How would you describe your job using only one sentence?

My life in the Operations team is hectic but worth the time because everyday you are learning new things.


What would you say is the most valuable skill you have learned in your time here?

I have learned so many things here at MainAd, from how to manage people and working under pressure, to being an effective leader and trainer. I also polished my communication skills by presenting in front of colleagues.


What makes MainAd a unique workplace?

MainAd is not your typical workplace because of the table setup which is really effective for our team’s productivity and easier collaboration. I like it! 🌟


Do you have any tips for people who want to work at MainAd?

There is a lot that is in store for you here at MainAd. If you want to learn and be adept in digital marketing, analysis, business solutions and basic troubleshooting, then you will enjoy working here at MainAd. Also, since we are a company with less than a hundred employees, there are tons of opportunities that you can grab for additional experience. You can practice here the hands-on approach.


Who’s been an inspiring figure in your life?

Ada Lovelace has been inspiring me ever since I learnt about her back in college. She is the world’s first computer programmer.


What’s your recent favourite advertising campaign?

The #HereForYou campaign on Instagram.

Few years back, Instagram launched the campaign #HereForYou to shine light on people sharing their mental health stories on Instagram. This campaign was intended for the IG users to support one another. Their stories helped many people cope with their mental health; opening up doors for others to do the same, showing them they are not alone and that there are people out there who understand what they are going through.

I really, really appreciate this campaign because in the Philippines where I am based, we do not address mental health much. I was also diagnosed with anxiety disorder back in college. And from my experience, it is difficult to witness someone you know coping with mental health issues or worse, and chances are you will only learn that they are unwell once they are gone. So I am glad to see that bigger corporations are considering mental health as a serious matter.

It feels empowering and inspiring to read some of the posts. It also encourages the readers to take care of their well being and to look out for their friends and family once in a while. Some people may not realize it but it could be the emotional comfort they need.


Choose three adjectives to describe your life at MainAd.

Contemporary. Digital. Active.