MainAd have joined IAB Europe’s Transparency Consent Framework

The long anticipated GDPR has come into effect today (25th May), and the digital advertising industry is as busy as ever applying the essential regulations.

Last month, IAB Europe put together their GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework, with an objective to harmonise the efforts of the digital advertising chain in complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The framework ensures parties do so when processing personal data or accessing both non-personal and personal data across devices.

MainAd officially registered to be part of IAB Europe’s Global Vendor List, acknowledging the importance of utilising data without trespassing consumers’ privacy. As a vendor, MainAd is committed to working with the IAB Transparency and Consent when it comes to compliancy.

All third-party vendors, who collect and process personal data or access consumers’ devices, are enabled to do so under the standardised regulation. With this transparency, publishers are able to view which of their partners have an approved status by the IAB Europe’s Framework, and therefore choose which vendors can access individual consumer data records.

The Global Vendor List allows vendors to publicly declare:

  1. Who they are
  2. What data they collect
  3. What ‘purpose’ they collect or use the data for
  4. What legal basis they rely on to use the data

As a registered vendor, MainAd supports the framework and transparently complies with GDPR.

For more information, please visit IAB Europe’s website: