Logico: Predictive Analytics meets Programmatic

After a decade of technological evolution, last week MainAd proudly announced Logico; a powerful Predictive Analytics advertising technology.

In collaboration with Google Cloud Platform, we developed Logico to offer advertisers an elevated customisable performance solution, utilising machine learning. MainAd can now tailor programmatic campaigns using big data to power the bidding logic in advance; redefining the traditional ‘bid-impression-logic’ approach. Instances of user behaviour from big data are processed at 100m/s speed, enabling quicker and smarter decisions. Therefore, advertisers benefit from real-time, flexible and optimised targeting of individual users, to recapture their consumers’ attention.

Logico at Google Cloud Next Milan

As part of the cooperation with Google, MainAd was invited to participate and present at their Next event hosted in Milan, on 28th June. This opportunity furnished us with an influential platform for the early introduction of Logico to the market. Mutually beneficial for Google, the audience gained detailed insight on how we used their best-in-class technology to meet our ad tech ambitions.

On stage from MainAd were Michele Marzan, CSO and Julio Gajardo, Analysis Dept Coordinator. Michele outlined our digital milestones to date; Logico reflects our agility to develop alongside changes in the digital marketplace. Julio explained the intricacies of our proprietary tech solution, explaining how the power lies in the hybrid of data, intelligence and logic; with the logic forming the foundation of every bid. Predictions can be made at single-instance level, meaning the bid, as well as the ad message, is specific to that user at that moment.

These 3 main components of the bidder technology combine to articulate a comprehensive service. Machine learning models are fuelled by the data derived from petabytes of a user’s browsing behaviour. Once fed into the ML models, a prediction is formed. The speed, scale and volume at which the technology works, ensures every bid is placed accurately and in real time.



Continuity is key

Logico, designed to allow for smarter decision-making and effective retargeting, thus boosting sales and ROI, supports our business’ core performance focus. As a company who are early tech adopters, Logico is another example of translating our digital expertise and acute understanding of market needs into a tangible solution. We’re excited for the future of ad tech and will continue with our forward-thinking approach, to maintain the best services for our clients.

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Press release (ENG): http://www.mainad.com/mainad-launches-logico-eng/

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