Logico Turns One Today!

We’re proud of Logico already being active in 80 countries, and have seen some exceptional results in regions globally, from CR increases of up to +77% and sales uplifts of 4x. We are the only player in the industry to provide transparency on the auction, offering advertisers clarity from integration to optimisation.” – Piero Pavone, COO



State-of-the-art technology

Logico utilises Predictive Analytics to optimise programmatic buying, driving awareness, incremental sales, whilst offering ‘advertiser-first’ tech and enabling supply path optimisation. It is suitable for both CPM and CPA, retargeting and prospecting.


– Integrated with major SSPs: Adx, OpenX, Pubmatic and Rubicon.
– Users and placements are scored according to our ranking logic, for cost-efficient buying.
– Logico 3C, our UI, allows for quick and comprehensive reporting and campaign performance overview.

MainAd is an advocate of the ads.txt initiative in combating fraud and is proudly integrated only with SSPs that strictly implement ads.txt compliance among its publishers.

An organic evolution

Being a highly dynamic company that is always at pace with market trends, in a pioneer position, we wanted to develop a tangible in-house product, to pair with our services. We were aware of limitations of relying on a third-party bidder and the concern of transparency on fees, so decided to take the matter in our own hands.

We began integrating with Google Cloud Platform in 2016, and started using GCP products and capabilities because of its presence of data centres in strategic locations, variety of databases for our business needs and ability to store and process huge amounts of data.

As Google partners, we developed our powerful bidder technology and advanced machine learning models, that drive brand awareness and incremental sales. The team around the technology was built organically and it keeps growing: R&D in India, data science in the Philippines, GCP and ML consultants in EU. We now work with some of the most renowned international brands such as ePrice, Firstcry and many more.



The future ahead

Reinforcement Learning models are integrated in our tech to extract information from previous interactions, to find patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. In the next phase of Logico’s evolution, reinforcement learning will play an ever bigger role in the expansion of the product’s capabilities. Stay tuned for the coming updates!

Our flagship proprietary solution is a self-learning programmable technology, leveraging real-time machine learning power to make better-than-human buying at single-user level.

We thank our customers and partners for their continued patronage and are looking forward to an even longer and fruitful relationship!


For more information, contact us at [email protected].