FINALIST: The Drum Social Purpose Awards

MainAd’s work with Terre des Hommes (TDH) Italy was recognised, when we became a finalist for The Drum ‘Social Purpose Awards’ for the ‘Best Brand/Charity collaboration’!



We partner with TDH, a charity that campaigns for a world in which every child can live free from violence, exploitation, abuse and receive adequate medical care and education without any religious, ethnic or political discrimination.

We provides financial support for a variety of projects in Peru, India, and Mozambique. These long and short-term projects include shelters where vulnerable children who are exposed to the risk of exploitation, abuse or violence can receive support and assistance. There is also a day centre for children with disabilities as well as a programme to support an impoverished community, helping it to become self-sustaining. These projects achieve impressive results, protecting and assisting large numbers of vulnerable children and helping them to achieve more in their future life.

The partnership with TDH is an integral part of our business culture, with employees encouraged to engage with the ongoing programmes through newsletters, meetings, voluntary work, and even visits to the individual projects. Our founders were already committed to supporting the humanitarian and social causes of TDH when they launched the company and financial support continues to grow each year. The company also helps to raise awareness of the charity’s work, for instance by recently organising and funding a photographic exhibition, and supports the charity through its own advertising business model.



The partnership combines the contacts and expertise of the charity with the funds and resources of the business to support both ongoing long-term projects and one-off projects. These currently include:

  • Community support centres in the districts of Boane and Matola, Mozambique
  • Child Sponsorship including educational and financial support for girls whose parents moved away to find work in Mozambique
  • ‘InDifesa’ Reception Home providing temporary shelter for young girls rescued from difficult situations in India.
  • Childline Centre in India providing day care for disabled children in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.
  • ‘InDifesa’ campaign providing support for girls and adolescents who are victims of exploitation and abuse in Perù


The ‘Fragile’ Photo exhibition

To help TDH raise awareness of its activities, MainAd helped organise and fund an exhibition of the imagery of award-winning photographer Stefano Stranges. The exhibition, which was free to attend and took place at the Ex-Aurum in Pescara, from 21st-25th September 2018, incorporated the series ‘Bambine Salvate’ and ‘Fragile’  which documents TDH’s continued efforts to abolish child infanticide.

“Terre des Hommes Italia has been working with the Indian organisation Terre des Hommes Core Trust for 20 years to protect the most vulnerable children from abuse, exploitation and violation of their rights. When we introduced MainAd to our work in India, the company agreed to support a very important project for girls saved from abuse, exploitation and child marriage. The cooperation with MainAd – which also supports our projects in Mozambique – is very important for us and not only because of the financial contribution. We share common values, such as humanity, inclusion, participation and social responsibility.

The photo exhibition in Pescara, called “Fragile”, displayed the work that photographer Stefano Stranges is doing for Terre des Hommes on the concept of how fragile human beings can be, and how we can act to take care of and protect those who are more vulnerable. This exhibition is the first chapter, focusing on the projects in India – children with disabilities, girls saved from infanticide, children living with HIV, girls who suffered abuse. Many visitors were moved and touched by the pictures and hopefully by the concept behind this exhibition. But what made the exhibition a success was the MainAd team; they donated time and energy and their commitment and motivation was remarkable!” – Caterina Montaldo, Founder of Terre des Hommes, Italia


“Working with MainAd has been a unique chance to improve our work and the service we’re providing to children. A result driven by common values, empathy and the same will to face children’s problems, such as health, malnutrition, education and violence, concretely. Together we’re making the difference in the lives of hundreds of boys and girls and we’re sure that we will reach new goals with the same enthusiasm and professionalism in the future.” – Paolo Ferrara, Terre des Hommes Italia