ad:tech edition: Meet Sumit Nayar

1. You are and you do…?
– I am Sumit Nayar, the Co-Founder & Managing Director of ProfiliAd. I have extensive experience of strategic planning, process designing, client servicing & corporate communications. Thus, my focus is to strategize to increase the revenue and to develop new innovations to increase the business. I oversee new opportunities to develop business & build a brand as ProfiliAd.

2. I’ve come to your stand. Tell me more…
– ProfiliAd is a Performance based Affiliate Marketing Network with the expertise of delivering performance through web & mobile. Me & my co-partner Hina Mittal Nayar founded ProfiliAd in the month of September in 2016 in collaboration with MainAd, display & retargeting experts based in Italy and Infospica (Technology partner) based in Trivandrum. ProfiliAd is one of the major delivery players in mobile for few of the top ecommerce brands in the industry. ProfiliAd is proficient in delivering leads for Banking, Finance & Education clients.

3. What are you looking forward to at ad:tech? Any predictions?
– ad:tech is considered to be the largest Digital marketing exhibition in India. My objective to be present at ad:tech is to network with a large number of people from the digital industry. The objective of exhibiting at ad:tech is to build a brand as ProfiliAd. ProfiliAd will be sharing the booth with MainAd this time at ad:tech. We are implementing few engaging activities on our booth to attract the maximum possible audience. I predict that there would be around 5k-6k visitors at the ad:tech event. There would be companies from all over the world exhibiting at ad:tech including the Affiliates, Networks, Technology Platforms, DSPs etc.