ad:tech edition: Meet Marino Gualano

1. You are and you do…?
– I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for 15 years now; in 2007 I ventured with a couple of college friends of mine (Piero & Marco) to found, what is now known as, MainAd. As the GM of the company, I mainly deal with our international development, new ventures and legal management. I’m also the Co-founder & Partner of ProfiliAd, our partner Affiliate Network.

2. I’ve come to your stand. Tell me more…
– MainAd has been very active in the Indian market for more than 10 years now; we had an office in Delhi for many years but then decided to merge our local interest with our partners in India, and founded a joint venture in the affiliate network industry. At MainAd, we still focus on our core business, pushing forward our flagship product Logico and our technological competencies. In fact, we built our technology in our Indian office, in Trivandrum where our tech team is based. Last but not least, whenever we’re in India, we visit the Terre des Hommes Core in Tamil Nadu; a charity which we have been supporting since 2011.

3. What are you looking forward to at ad:tech? Any predictions?
– We all are crazy about AI and its applications in our industry. With new laws coming into effect from 1st June, AI is becoming an even hotter topic, especially on the other side of Europe. Rules for header bidding have also changed drastically therefore clients are becoming more cautious of the inventory quality. So, I’m looking forward to hearing the thoughts of like-minded leaders in the industry.

Don’t forget to join me at my panel discussion on ‘5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to lookout for in 2018‘, on 9th March at 11:05am, Stream 6.