5 tips to boost your Valentine’s Day campaign

Are your strategies ready for this Valentine’s Day? The special day is coming near and this year advertisers could be seeing a rise in gift purchases for lovers, and self-lovers. Valentine’s Day is the second largest commercial holiday in the US ($19bn) after Black Friday ($60bn), representing a great opportunity for marketers to re-engage with their customers. Sales increased by $1.4bn from 2017-2018 so to attract shoppers’ attention early this year, now is the time for marketers to gear up their marketing efforts. Last year’s Valentine’s Day showed some trends which could prove favourable to brands today. Here are our tips based on these trends.



Plan in advance for your campaigns and prepare them prior to the beginning of Feb to maximise the amount of traction. Consumers may research products to buy their other halves months’ in advance to the special day however the majority of shoppers invest their time in the last two weeks to find special deals and promotions. 


Therefore it is a crucial practice for advertisers to re-engage those drifted browsers/shoppers and bring them back to complete their purchase journey from where they left off. Each touchpoint of the user is followed and tracked in order to serve a personalised shopping experience in later stages of their journey. This is also useful to attract those last minute shoppers for quick-buys as it would be easier to create desire for these individuals to buy with a higher purchase intent.



Over the past few years, the average amount spent per user rose to $162 in 2019, surpassing the number of people celebrating Valentine’s Day at 51%. So although the number of people celebrating is declining, the amount spent is on the rise. This gives advertisers ample touchpoints and opportunities to target single users too, extend their advertising effort and capitalise on the growing pool of audience. 


The number of people treating themselves with gifts is on the rise with 70% more gifts being bought for self-love and appreciation in 2019, compared to 2018. The holiday brings an additional excuse for individuals in this day and age to splurge on themselves rather than a partner. The purpose of the holiday is no longer limited to couples’ appreciation, and has broadened to friends, families and individuals.


These generations have shown greatest interest in the holiday and have been spending up to $159 more on gifts than others. Advertisers can make better use of their data to create custom messaging and creatives for these audiences with LOGICO’s tailored strategies, to deliver personalised user experiences and appeal to these users.


Advertisers can use in-app communications and targeting solutions to improve the likelihood of your conversions and increase revenues – by up to 63% -, by following users at an additional stage of their user journey. Advertisers can make efficient use of their marketing budget to target lovers in-app with ads that resonate with their preferences, through our LOGICO technology to drive greater chances for a conversion.


This Valentine’s Day advertisers can reap benefits from extended sources giving them more opportunities to creatively communicate with their users and push for completion of user journeys. From effective marketing strategies to creative and personalised assets, our proprietary tech LOGICO can bring marketers closer to their audience. Advertisers can focus their budgets on an increased number of individuals with the growing popularity of concepts like ‘self-love’ and ‘self-appreciation’, seeing individuals becoming more and more open to treating themselves.