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Personalized dynamic banner adverts

Douglas is one of the leading perfumery companies, as well as the distributor of high quality and top-brand cosmetics, make-up products and fragrances in Europe. The first Douglas perfume shop in Poland was opended in 2000 and today the company owns about 1200 stores in 18 countries.


Business Opportunity Retargeting campaign aimed at engaging potential customers which showed previous interest in the client’s products as well as increasing the number of total sales.


The Retargeting strategy was based on a precise sudience’s segmentation as ads were tailored in relation to the users’ position within the sale funnel.

Results dynamic banners appeared on both local and international websites. Coupon codes displayed on media ads enhanced the conversion rate. MainAd focused on creating high-quality personalized dynamic ads, boosting the display reach through qualified impressions across the net.

MainAd Tip

Retargeting is a very powerful promotional method that needs to be paired with a broad and creative approach. MainAd recommends inserting coupon codes on dynamic banners. Special discounts are always well perceived by customers, with a direct impact on the campaign’s performance as well as being beneficial for the brand image.