MainAd and Terre des hommes

The Partnership 

As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy at MainAd, we sought to build solid foundations and create security for the vulnerable and ostracised – particularly women and children. This is why we have partnered with Terre des hommes (TDH), an international federation that has worked to give children across the globe protection and equal access to their fundamental rights for nearly 60 years.


Together with my partners, Marino and Piero, we’ve always been active volunteers supporting the underprivileged through humanitarian projects. By working on niche projects with the TDH group, we ensure we stay true to building transparent partnerships. 

– Marco Cotumaccio, MainAd CEO & Co-Founder 

Our support for the humanitarian causes that TDH covers isn’t just a financial one, it is also personal – the federation has become an integral part of MainAd’s company culture. Through events, volunteering, project visits, and fundraising, MainAd has striven to uphold TDH’s mission of eradicating political, ethnic and religious discrimination, and empowering children across the globe.


The Story So Far

Since 2010, the company has played a direct role in ongoing and one-off projects across Mozambique, India and Peru. For over a decade, our involvement with TDH has worked towards upholding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

At MainAd, we believe everyone has the skills and knowledge they can use to support this partnership and internal participation is open at all levels. Every team member can assist with TDH projects during working hours; whether that’s using their know-how in event management to arrange exhibitions or harnessing marketing insight for campaigns aimed at gaining greater support. On the ground, joint programmes are continually developed to tackle problems such as illiteracy and lack of basic amenities by providing healthcare and education, while working to prevent violence and exploitation. 


What’s Next? 

Together, MainAd and TDH have organised enduring educational and medical aid for children and adolescents around the world, but the mission is far from complete. Work is still needed to meet the ultimate goal of not only making a difference to living standards now, but also equipping people with the means to thrive independently in the future. Our part in the TDH federation will continue for many years to come.


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