November: the back-to-back bargain bonanza month

The month of November is particularly notable in the retail calendar as this month sees multiple sales opportunities unfold for consumers from retailers worldwide. In the countdown to the Christmas Season – the traditional festive season of ‘giving’, we see other notable commercially man-made ‘holidays’ have become a feature of a retailers’ diary. Retailers are clever to capitalise on the sentiment of ‘giving’; promoting and evolving their ecommerce strategies that encourage consumers spending a little more on certain days over the year.

In this mini-blog series, we look at some of the biggest November ecommerce events: Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, to see what tactics retailers push to market to increase their chances of higher revenues. These big events are of huge significance in the ecommerce industry, with some only having been around for less than a decade but leading the market. We will discover how factors such as digitisation enable ecommerce giants to simplify consumer shopping experiences.


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