dmexco edition: Meet Claudia Collu, our CCO

  1. You are and you do…?

– I’m the one who hid OMClub party tickets and will distribute them to some lucky visitors at our booth.

  1. I’ve come to your stand. Tell me more…

– Help me help you! MainAd offers tailored ad strategies for international online brands and seeks quality inventory partners globally. We are a dynamic and creative ad tech company, always eager to explore new opportunities. MainAd’s bespoke services blend ‘man and machine’ to drive measurable results. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a seat!

  1. What are you looking forward to at dmexco?

– dmexco is the industry’s yearly reunion, a great time to catch up with peeps and share future plans. Out of the 3 years (the other two being calendar and financial), it’s dmexco which sets the pace for B2B in digital.

Next week, my eyes will be wide open for anything regarding AI applied to Programmatic – at MainAd we are excited with the opportunity at hand; new horizons are opening up in the ecosystem, only dreamt of until recently.

Your survival tip for dmexco: stay hydrated would be the most important one, especially on day two! Then, I’ll also try to give myself time to be alone and meet someone new, hopefully not related to our business in an obvious way – it’s always stimulating to uncover the unknown.