Data driven; harnessing Big Data insights to optimise accuracy on ad strategy for efficient spending.
We are scientific observers of online behaviour, leaving nothing to chance as we boost your online investments for maximum return.


At the very start of the sales funnel, awareness is where brands maintain position at the forefront in today’s busy and fast-paced internet experience.

On the morning weather forecast, the social media lunch break or the evening news, with MainAd your message is reinforced to achieve constant brand recognition and recall.

With our wide portfolio of content websites and premium placements, you can cherry-pick the best combinations and take advantage of our viewability offering, which includes up to 100% viewable formats.

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Essential to current online strategies, prospecting is the true new customer rate enhancer with the purpose of directly impacting audience growth. More customers mean more sales, and more sales equal incremental revenues.

At MainAd we will help you generate new prospects for your brand and get them to interact with your brand by initiating the dialogue that will ultimately lead to the action.

Start the conversation with a prospecting strategy.


Acquisition & Loyalty

Today’s savvy customers rarely make purchases without careful consideration, often including comparison of products and pricing. A multi-touch strategy is a must to avoid the risk of being left out and losing the sale to a competitor.

Our proprietary retargeting algorithm for multidimensional segmentation has the ability to profile the users according to their behaviour on your webpage and serve personalised advertisements for optimal conversion rates.

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Reach is all about volumes: you want to get your brand message out there to as many people as possible, in meaningful and engaging ways.

Whatever your display needs are, MainAd can help you with unlimited global reach. We work with all the major DSPs and intuitively help connect the dots and brand match your campaigns to the best content, device and ad format.

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At MainAd, we can help you get results.

As an extension of your digital team, we strategise, plan and execute your advertising objectives.

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