MainAder Snapshot: Robert Querimit

Who are you and how long have you been at MainAd for?

I’m Robert Querimit, and I am a Jr. Business Analyst at MainAd. I’ve been working at MainAd for 4 years now.


Please choose a GIF that describes your personality.


How would you describe your job using only one sentence?

My job is to update reports, check and analyze campaign performance, adjust campaign settings, and send reports or communicate to Account Managers.


What would you say is the most valuable skill you have learned in your time here?

The most valuable skill I have learned here is how to work under pressure and keep a positive mental attitude.


What makes MainAd a unique workplace?

Hard to say, but if I were to compare it to my past company during my on-the-job training, MainAd has a really intense yet comfortable work place.


Do you have any tips for people who want to work at MainAd?

Given to the current situation, the only advice I could give for them is to find their own motivation, and think positive even in the midst of pressure.


Who’s been an inspiring figure in your life?

My parents, the BAN team and Boomathi (the BA Manager)


What’s your recent favourite advertising campaign?

My most recent favourite advertising campaign is Farmacosmo Italy, and other pharmaceutical-related clients


Please choose three adjectives to describe your life at MainAd.

Optimistic, Innovative, Consistent