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Breaking New Frontiers: MainAd Launches in the USA

We have some very exciting news to announce at MainAd: we have officially launched in the United States of America! 


Since its inception in 2007, MainAd has grown into a global company, serving more than 300 brands in over 60 countries. Breaking ground in arguably the most competitive market in the advertising sector is a major milestone in our global expansion strategy. We have previously increased our market presence across the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions. 


The launch is coming at a unique time, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. However, as advertisers move towards the reopening phase, the US launch works to reignite brands’ strategies and engage in effective and efficient digital advertising. With advertisers working with lower advertising budgets, MainAd’s focus on performance and conversion offers a fitting approach to help brands address challenges in the ‘new normal’.  


You may wonder why we are launching in such uncertain times. We looked at the data and found that only 19% of our clients active in January decided to pause efforts for March and April. On the other hand, 40.2% of the company’s active clients saw increased sales between February and April. Based on growth projections from advertiser activity in APAC and EU, where COVID-19 economic recovery efforts have been underway, we can forecast similar trajectories in the US in the coming months. This presents a huge opportunity ahead of our US launch and for the industry at large.


On board to lead the US division is our VP Americas, Ben Segal. Ben recently joined MainAd to oversee all U.S. strategy and development. Previously, he served as VP of Sales and Programmatic Partnerships at advertising technology pioneer Iponweb, and held roles at DataXu and Salesforce.


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