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‘Bid Smart, Convert More’ – Explained

Our flagship performance marketing technology uses real-time machine learning to provide brands with better-than-human buying at single-user level. LOGICO offers video, performance and in-app retargeting solutions to increase awareness, target bounced users and boost brand loyalty.

With LOGICO you can put your investment only on the users who are most likely to make it through to the end of their purchase journey. When it comes down to targeting your users with bespoke messaging, what counts is the value of each user to your brand. Pushing out messaging to huge clusters of users with no direct or valuable connection to your brand can prove to be time-consuming, costly and inefficient.

User value assessment: LOGICO ranking

LOGICO helps advertisers overcome this issue by bidding only on those users who have shown previous interest in your products and are most likely to make a purchase. Each user is assessed and allocated a score between 0-1 based on their likelihood to convert. Any user with a value of <0.5, will be filtered out of the bidding process. 

When a high-value user is selected, LOGICO bids a high price on that user and therefore wins the bid 99% of the time. That is to say that we bid less in volume but higher in value. This value-over-volume driven approach secures a much greater chance of conversions based on the users’ interests and behaviour on your site, ultimately driving to increased revenues.

Product catalog integration

Our machine learning based technology pulls in the product catalog feed from a client’s website and automatically transforms it into the desired ad format, to serve the most relevant products to the user. The retargeting (RTG) banner application reads the client’s website’s cookies that track the last visited product and places it in a cluster alongside similar products in the catalog, which were shown interest to by similar users with a similar purchase journey.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Over time our LOGICO bidder gathers thousands of data points about the user’s browsing journey, which in turn is used to continuously adapt the products/pricing displayed in real time as well as adapt the products to ad formats that resonate best with users of that particular nature.

Often advertisers mistakenly overinvest on their retargeting efforts with little return. What is overlooked is the deep assessment of individual users to understand their real worth. With a ‘batch-and-blast’ targeting approach, retargeters fail to take into consideration users’ unique characteristics and risk losing much of their ad spend on users of no value to them.

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